Fiction writing is an art not so easy to master. It has lots of considerations which the fiction writers have to take care of. It is quite difficult to sum up all of the fiction writing techniques here. However, some of the main fiction writing guidelines will be covered here.

I believe that fiction writing is probably the most difficult form of writing. It is different from the formal essay writing and does not include the consideration of facts in it. Fiction writing is basically a creative writing piece which is exhibited in the forms of stories, novels etc. It can be enhanced provided these ways are followed:

Development of the character
The first thing the novel writer or a short story writer has to consider in novel writing or short writing is character development. The writers must tell the readers essential details about the characters in the novel. These personal details include the likes, dislikes, physical descriptions, attitudes, hopes, fears, expectations etc.

Development of plot of the story
The second thing is developing the story plot which makes a reader make up his mind about the upcoming story. You can add a scene of conflict or any other situation at the start of the novel. Be more careful about the ending and climax of the story which are important elements of the novel plot.

Dialogue Delivery
You should make sure the way the characters speak represents the theme of the story and their attitudes. They should not sound artificial if you are telling the story of real people.

Revisions and editing
It is highly important to revise and edit what you have written about the story. Remember to use comprehensive phrases and using few appropriate words are sufficient than dozens of aimless phrases. Avoid redundancy as it will only cause the readers to skip through the pages of the book to know the ‘real’ story.

Adopting few habits
For becoming a freelance fiction writer, you need to adopt some studious habits. You really need to study a lot of books and masterpieces created by famous authors. Not only you have to read in abundance, but you need to write a lot as well.

These simple keys will help you in improving as a fiction writer.

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