freelance jobs in Pakistan

Do’s of freelance writing jobs in Pakistan

  1. Do make a CV and enclose all your necessary qualifications and skills in it. Try to make it a catchy one so that your prospective employer gets impressed by you. Also, mention in your CV your aim and vision behind initiating a career in freelance writing.
  2. Do make yourself seem professional by having a professional outlook in your dealing with the employers. Always ask them politely for any query you have related to work via email or text. After sending them the message, do not panic and wait for their response.
  3. Do make yourself efficient by being active online most of the time. These days mostly work is distributed through online communities like Face Book. Grab the task by checking the list there numerous times to initiate work.

Don’ts of freelance writing jobs in Pakistan

  1. Do not behave in an unprofessional manner with your employers. It is integral to not disturb the employers by sending them countless email on a single issue. Wait for their response and refrain from asking them irrelevant and highly personal questions.
  2. Do not burden yourself with each and every task that comes your way. You need to be careful in the selection of tasks and not to make yourself a laden donkey. So make quality your preference and never let the employer take undue advantage of you. Always keep in mind your schedule and ensure that you can manage the task on time or not. If you cannot manage the task on time, either ask for extension of deadline or cancel the task entirely.
  3. Do not trust each and every person that claims to give you money for the work. There have been few instances in which the person ditches the writer by not giving the payment for the work. So, be careful and work with registered companies only.

These 6 points can help you in working successfully with freelance writing companies to perform freelance writing jobs in Pakistan.

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