Hire Professionals
Do not think for a minute that you can perform your own online reputation management just by common sense and without the proper training, experience and expertise. There are many good professionals that can help you gain trust among the internet community and improve your status, but doing it yourself should not be an option because the results could be catastrophic.

Establish a Complaint Forum
Setting up a complaint forum should go a long way into separating the positive and neutral messages from the bad ones. Also, have at hand a good support team in order to offer help to those people that have problems with the item, product or service.

Just avoiding the negative comments can be harmful to a brand. Let people know that you are willing to work on issues related to products/services they have bought. An efficient complaint forum represents you as a reliable company, thus upgrading your reputation in the physical and digital world.

Publish Press Releases on Influential Domain Authorities
Using the right keywords and providing interesting, informative content via a press release can impact the online reputation in a very positive way. There are certain influential domain authority websites that work great for submitting press releases. Those pages should be targeted by reputation managers to promote content.

Blogging can be viewed as one of the best reputation management tools, because publishing high quality content allows for a better ranking in search engines. Online reputation managers tend to recommend updating the website every day with fun, interesting content and making sure to interact with the readers. The goal is to get to the first pages on Google.

Maximize Your Social Media Presence
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat and every social media network or tool can be helpful if used correctly. The idea is to engage with the audience because that pushes the brand’s reputation through the roof.

Monitor What They Are Saying About You
Constant monitoring from the brand for any social media mentions needs to be conducted. The idea is to attack any problems before they get out of hand: any negative mention on Twitter or Facebook, for example, can have an impact that should not be overlooked.

Controlling as much as possible what is appearing on the first few pages of Google’s search results when someone searches for your brand is one of the keys of online reputation management because this will mark the next few steps to follow, whether the references are positive or negative.

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