Article writing is an informal writing piece full of interesting information or viewpoint about something. You can master article writing to enhance your freelance writing career. These days, lots of article writing jobs are available for freelance writers.

In order to create interesting and well-read articles, an article writer should have thorough knowledge about article writing steps. Article writing can be most effectively done if you follow the following steps:

Prepare an Outline
You can write an excellent article by preparing a rough draft of it beforehand. You do not need to do an outline in written form; you can organize it in your mind. Think about all the possible points you can include in the article. Then arrange them in a sequential order to produce a well-written article.

Make a Catchy Title
The title of your article is the first thing that your readers will see. Do not neglect the title and make it attractive. Many article writers create an interesting title but the article body does not go with the article. So try to maintain a balance between what the article says about what it has in it, and what it actually contains.

Write In Brief but Comprehensive Passage
The article should contain brief passages but should be complete in all respects. The paragraphs must also not be lengthy as in academic writing.

Refrain from Complexity
Keep in mind a great article writing tip that your article should not have long sentences in it. It should be void of all sort of complexity and must have short and simple sentences.

Focus on Topic
First of all, it is necessary to focus greatly on the topic. It might seem understood but some of the articles are not relevant to the topic. They appear to be including irrelevant information in it. So keep the topic in mind while preparing an article. Give the article a flow with relevant data circling around the main idea.

Gather Information about Your Audience
You cannot create an excellent article until you know your audience. So try to gain as much information about your readers as you can before starting an article. For instance, while writing on academic problems, you need to know for which level of students are you writing for. By knowing about your audience, you can use appropriate language.

Do Research Properly
It is true that the article writing does not require use of citations and references. However, if you need to prepare an informative article, make sure you research properly. Do gather accurate information before writing an article.
By following the article writing guidelines given above, you can create flawless articles easily and swiftly. Article writing is an art which deserves your attention. In the modern world there is an advantage of knowing this art. You can not only write something to satisfy the writer in you, you can also earn money while you are on it.

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