The good thing about segmentation is that there is not just one way to do it. Customers can be segmented by interest, gender, geographies, depending on the purpose. But one of the new tendencies is to segment them by where they were in the buying cycle.  They should be treated differently if the (potential) customer is just finding out about the company, interested in acquiring the good / service, trying to do it or if he / she is about to purchase.

Evaluating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at depth

Measuring and evaluating agreed-upon key performance indicators (KPIs) is one of the keys to success in today’s digital marketing. They are perfect for goal accomplishment within the business. For the marketing department, KPIs should indicate whether the customer is engaging with and responding to the content provided in the campaign. Engagement figures should also be linked to business results.


Performing proper research about every possible variable and aspect of the company and the digital marketing department will be another important success driving force. Things like defining the audience, identifying the right sectors of it, steps to take in investment and possible strategies to implement are always worth knowing.

Search Engine Optimisation

Getting more traffic to your website; using appropriate strategies that make your page more visible in all search engines takes a lot of effort, but is very important and can drive the company to success.

Content Marketing

Old advertising is a thing of the past. New tendencies in digital commerce have to include content marketing, which is the presentation of interesting info and data of a company to a group of potential customers.

The idea is to not just describe the attributes of a product, but to convince, in a fun and clever way, the audience that the product offered is his / her best option.

Data Analytics

Analysis of online data will help you set goals, segment your audience and plan digital marketing strategies. Knowledge is power, and the numbers are a marketer’s best friend.

Finding experts who can help you set up and control Google Analytics and make the most of it will provide the company with insight and information about the success or failure of a digital marketing campaign.

Social Media

Social media is a very powerful tool in today’s way to to marketing: using networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Google Plus and many others will help you engage with thousands of potential clients.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click is a paid service that can provide results very quickly as you are targeting those people searching for specific keywords, but it needs to be handled in the right way: determining the right opportunities and weighing possible cost per click for keywords is a good way to start.

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