Berlin, an extremely beautiful city of Germany is the place where the Berlin International Film Festival takes place every year in the month of February. Having up to 400 movies for screening in various sections that represent a comprehensive assortment of the cinematic planet, and about twenty films struggle for the Golden and Silver Bears awards, the festival is believed to be one of the leading film festivals of the world.

The celebration is also known as Berlinale, where approximately 300,000 tickets are sold out along with 500,000 admissions every year considering it as the largest publically attended film celebration worldwide based on authentic crowd rates.

According to the history of the Berlin International film festival was initially founded in 1951 on the proposal of an American film Officer Oscar Martay, later it actually started taking place every twelve months since 1978.

Dieter Kosslick was chosen as the director of the Berlin International film festival in 2001. There is a film trade gala called European Film Market (EFM) that takes place at the same time as the Berlin International film festival, is a most important annual trade gathering for the worldwide film industries.

The trade fair is about serving distributors, movie purchasers, filmmakers, financiers as well as co-production representatives. The Berlinale Talent Campus is in association with the fiesta itself and is believed to work as an opportunity for future artists.

Every year, approximately 20,000 professionals around the world, attend the Berlin international film festival, EFM and other events while more than 4200 reporters do media coverage in more than 110 countries.

Moreover, a good number of film celebrities are seen at the red carpet of the festival who gives appearances for high profile feature films presentations. The Berlin International film festival is truly successful in establishing a remarkable assortment of art, glamour, trade as well as an international media attention.

The Berlin International film festival consists of seven diverse film sections. A section director selects films in all categories on the recommendations of a group of film professionals. These film categories comprise: Competition, Panorama, Forum, Generation, Perspektive Deutsches Kino, Berlinale Shorts, and Retrospective.

From the year of 2002, a 50-second promo is shown to represent the presentations in each section of the celebration by means of the exemption of the Retrospective.

Some of the awards presented at the splendid gala of the Berlin International film festival include the Golden Bear that is given for best film of the event since 1951 while a lifetime achievement (Honorary Golden bear award) was also started in 1982.

Silver Bear is another important award founded in 1956 honors the individual achievements in direction and performance as well as for the most excellent short film.

Later, the year of 1965, brought a new addition of a special film award that was meant to honor the runner-up of the Golden Bear award. Even though, it had been officially called as the Special Jury Price from 1965 to 1999, but now is known as the Jury Grand Prix from the year of 2000.

The award is usually recognized as the Silver Bear (identical to the prizes given for individual achievements) because it is considered as a next place honor following the Golden Bear.

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