ATP World Tour Final or Barclays ATP World Tour Finals is a tournament held for professional men tennis players every year in November at the O2 Arena in London, United Kingdom.

This tournament is generally the last in the series of Association of Tennis Professionals World Tour and the top eight single players face each other in this series along with the doubles teams of the ATP rankings.

Started in 1970, this tournament is highly popular amongst all tennis fans and tennis playing Nations. In singles, the reigning champion is Novak Djokovic and the doubles trophy is defended by Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan.

This tournament differs from other series in a way that this is not a direct knock-out and instead eight players are divided into two groups of four and compete against the players of other groups, playing three round-robin matches.

To date, not a single player has got to play semi-finals after losing more than one round-robin match. As of now, the tournament is held in the general format of creating groups of four players and advancing into the semi-finals and final.

However, few years have been exceptions when this tournament walked over with surprising decisions. For instance, in 1970-71, the winner was decided by taking out the best-performed player after robin round with no semi-finals and finals.

In the years 1982, 1983, and 1984 there were 12 players knock out of the tournament without any round-robin matches. Similarly in 1985, 16 players knock out was held with no round robin match.

In this tournament, winners are given a maximum of 1500 rankings points, with each round-robin loss; 200 points are deducted from that amount. 

Roger Federer is one player that holds the most number of records in a single tournament with a total of six. Generally, the tournament is named after the sponsors of the tour but from 1990-2008 competition was non-sponsored.

However, IBM sponsored the singles portion of the events. Barclays PLC started sponsoring the tournament in 2009. In 2009 the tournament was renamed the ATP World Tour Finals and is played in London from 2009 to 2013.

After 2012, organizers took an extension of another two years up to 2015. Previously double and single tournaments were organized separately, but now they are held together running in the same week and also at the same location.

ATP World Tour is considered one of the most important indoor tennis tournaments in the World tournament. But here also there are few exceptions when this event has been organized outdoor as well during 1974 Melbourne & 2003-2004 after modifying the conditions of play and keeping it in control on the ground as well as illumination system.

Here is the price list of the top 5 players and their prize money:-

Rank Player YTD Singles Doubles Career

  1. David Ferrer $195,000 $195,000 $0 $24,928,109
  2. Berdych, Tomas $102,675 $102,675 $0 $20,152,143
  3. Vesely, Jiri $92,595 $91,530 $1,065 $797,125
  4. Troicki, Viktor $80,730 $80,730 $0 $4,739,091
  5. Federer, Roger $80,000 $80,000 $0 $88,691,538

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