The following is a list of audience awards presented to appreciate the efforts of most popular performers in the fields such as movies, television and music etc.

  • Constellation awards

Started in 2007 constellation awards have been offered to best works on science fiction and achievements made during the previous year. Nominees are selected by Canadian public and the winners are also chosen by them. Awards are given to male and female performers under different categories such as television, film and mini-series. In each category a number of awards are presented to the best performers.

  • Meryl Prothom Alo Awards

This is a set of awards presented for excellence in the film industry in Bangladesh. The first awards ceremony has been held in 1998 and the event continues up to date. There are two nomination processes out of which one is done through the audiences and the other through a jury. There are 10 awards that are chosen through each process. All award ceremonies held so far have been held in the same venue of Bangabandhu International Conference center.

  • Filmfare Awards

This is an award ceremony conducted by Times Group of India in order to appreciate the best performances in both artistic and technical fields of Hindi language films produced in India. Started as a kind of audience awards it was named as Clare’s awards at the time of its introduction in 1954. Though this annual event had a number of hiccups due to various reasons it is being held every year up to date. There are merit awards, critic’s awards, technical awards and special awards presented to various distinguished people in the industry every year. The winners are chosen by popular vote of readers of “Filmfare” a magazine dedicated to films. The first show was held on 21st March 1954 and the number of winners chosen was five. Bimal Roy was among these five and the award was offered for his being the director of the film “Do Bigha Sameen”. Gregory Peck, the famous Hollywood star has been invited to attend this ceremony but he failed to appear on time due to a flight delay.

Awards ceremony for the year 2014 was held in the city of Mumbai and there were 31 awards. The venue was Yash Raj Studios. Best film, best director, best actor and best actress are some of the awards presented.

  • Filmfare Awards South

Similar to the Filmfare Awards given to people who excel in the Hindi cinema, Filmfare South awards are offered in order to honor those who show excellence in South Indian cinema. Awards are presented on the same lines as the Filmfare Awards with the only difference is that they are given to Tamil cinema, Thelingu cinema, Malayalam cinema and Kannada cinema. Initially it was the Tamil and Thelingu film industries that were in recognition when the award ceremony was launched in 1954. However, Malayalam Cinema was included in 1967 and finally, Kannada Cinema made its first appearance in 1970. Chennai and Hyderabad are the two main cities where this award ceremony was held. When it comes to cinema awards, best film, best director, best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, best music director, best lyricist, best male playback singer and the best female playback singer are the awards presented last year.

  • Vijay Awards

Conducted by the Tamil TV channel of STAR Vijay, this award ceremony has been conducted annually from 2006. It honors artists who have performed outstandingly during the previous year. There are also some audience awards that are decided by the vote of audiences. In its first edition, though the viewers were asked to nominate their choices it was not necessary to focus on a particular time period. They were asked to send their nominations considering the all-time performances of their favorite artists. However, this system was subjected to change with effect from 2008 and the voters have to focus on the performances of their favorite artists during the previous year at present. However, the majority of choices are made by a jury and only a few are decided by popular vote.

  • Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards

This is an award ceremony conducted under the patronage of Multi-choice which is a popular digital satellite TV channel. The award ceremony is held in the Nigerian capital of Lagos. The winners are chosen by popular vote. This annual event was inaugurated in 2013 and its first edition was televised live to 50 countries.

  • Lux Style Awards

This is a Pakistani award ceremony held annually from 2002 in order to felicitate those who have shown excellence in the field of entertainment in Pakistan. The winners are chosen by a panel of experts as well as popular vote. The number of awards presented is around 30. This is the oldest awards ceremony that felicitates movies, television and fashion industries in Pakistan. Pakistanis treat this as the Oscars of Pakistan. At the time of its inauguration this ceremony was a one night event. However, presently it has expanded to an event that spans three days. During these three days various events related to Pakistani film industry are staged.

  • Polish Academy Audience Awards

This is an award presented to the best Polish Movie produced during the previous year. It is also among the many audience awards offered to artists who have shown excellence in their fields chosen by their audiences. Its inaugural ceremony was conducted in 1999. It chooses the best polish film produced during the preceding year and the best artists. However, for the year 2004 the award has not been presented.

  • Empire Awards

Being a British ceremony to felicitate outstanding performers in the film industry the winners are chosen based on British film industry as well as the global film industry. These awards are presented by Empire, a British film magazine and the first edition was conducted in 1996. This is also among the many audience awards where winners are chosen by the readers of the magazine. In this awards ceremony retired artists are also honored. There are honorary awards as well.

  • National Movie Awards

Started in 2007, National Movie Awards is another British ceremony conducted to appreciate those who have shown excellence in British Television. The event is conducted by ITV and the winners are chosen by popular vote. Awards are given to TV shows of different categories such as comedies, adventures, animations, family and performance.

  • Soft and Hard Adult Film and Television Awards

SHAFTA is a series of awards presented to the best phonographic movies in the UK. It is dubbed the Oscar offered in UK for phonographic films. The first of the ceremonies was held in the year 2010. It is Television X that organized the first award ceremony held in 2010.

  • Independent Lens Audience Awards

Those who watch the series “Independent Lens” are offered an opportunity to vote for the best episode broadcasted in a season. An award is presented to the winning episode by the broadcaster Independent Lens. The series started in 1999 and each fall 10 episodes are broadcasted. 2014 – 2015 season is the 13th season for this popular television series. The award has been presented on popular vote from 2003.

  • Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

On a Saturday in March or April every year viewers of Nickelodeon cable channel are able to view this awards ceremony. It felicitates the artists who have made the best contribution to Film, television and music during the previous year. The winners are voted in by the audiences of the TV channel. Usually, the awards ceremony is held in California. It has been shown in different venues during the past few years. Normal airtime it occupies is 90 minutes.

  • Teen Choice Awards

Aired by Fox Network Teen Choice Awards is also one of the many audience awards. The voting is done by the audiences over the internet or through ballot forms published in magazines. The voters are teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19. The awards are presented for the best achievements made during the previous year on Movies, television, music, sports, fashion and many more. These awards were presented for the first time in 1999 and are still continuing.

  • People’s Choice Awards

Being an American show, People’s Choice Awards is yet another one of Audience awards. It is offered to work with regard to popular culture. The voters here are members of general public. It was in 1975 when the first show was aired. Presently, the show is sponsored by Proctor and Gamble. In order to allow people to vote, the organizers of this show used Gallup Polls. However, presently voting through the internet has gained popularity. Awards are presented on several categories such as movies, television, music and special. On each category a number of different awards are offered.

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