Perhaps the only female tennis player who encapsulated the mind’s eye of fans across the globe with her unprecedented aggressive style and intent to conquer all the trophies that come in her way is none other than Martina Navratilova.

Her exceptional resilience led her to the indomitable heights not only on the grass courts of Wimbledon but also at the Roland Garros. Though playing on clay courts was never preferred by her, she made such, records especially in the doubles event, which are still unbreakable.

In contrast, her arch-rival Chris Evert was the Queen of Tennis clay courts, holding the best record at the French Open Tennis with seven singles trophies on her rack.

Though Navratilova did beat Evert three times on clay, one of which was the French Open, Evert remained the ace and still holds the record of most singles titles won by any female at Roland Garros.

The sweet chubby Steffi Graf, who won 22 Tennis Grand Slams in her career, holds six French Open women title trophies (second to Evert) under her belt. She is the player of Navratilova’s list of great players.

She was a blend of skill and stamina and the only tennis player who did equally well on grass as well as clay courts. Her main weapon was her accurate serves. Though Tennis clay courts never help those with great serves, she easily adjusted herself to the surface of Roland Garros and won many titles where men like Pete Sampras and Federer never did.

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