Good and bad movies get launched all the time. Like other film industries, Hollywood too owns flop movies.

Following are some of them which were released in 2014.

  • Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return is among the few of animated movies that failed to cover its production cost. To be exact this animated movie made $19 million where the production cost for this movie was $70 million, without advertising costs.
  • Flop movies falling in the romantic category include Winter’s Tale turned out to be a lost investment for Warner Bros. The funny thing about Winter’s Tale is that it is based on a bestseller novel, written by Mark Helprin. The movie itself had quite a cast which included Russell Crowe and Colin Farrell. Winter’s Tale ended up collecting half of its production cost, which was $30 million. Well, it wasn’t a big blow to Warner Bros at that time, since some for sure hits followed like The Hobbit sequel.
  • A name like Arnold Schwarzenegger in an action movie that resulted in a flop just doesn’t add up. However, ever since his return from politics, Arnold seems to be producing nothing but losses for himself. Sabotage was his greatest flop recently with a production cost of $30 million. The movie only covered a mere half of this amount, $17.5 million.
  • Let’s travel to the world of fantasy and find out which turned out to be the greatest flops of 2014. The name of Hercules ended up producing two movies this year, the legend of Hercules starring Kellan Lutz and Hercules starring Dwayne Johnson Rock. Legend of Hercules was one of the major flop movies of 2014 as it almost covered its production expenses. It made 61 million dollars on a budget of $70 million. On the other hand, the name of Hercules did see some limelight with Dwayne Johnson Rock since this one made $243 million on a production cost of $100 million.
  • A movie related to vampires and school girls, yet it dared to be a flop. We are talking about Vampire Academy over here. Low budget movies with an interesting theme do turn out to cover their production costs, but Vampire Academy only made $15 million on a budget of $26 million. Well, I guess these vampires really do suck at school. Was it a bad cast or just bad direction? The crowd did seem to be confused and opted to rather not watch the movie at all. The public does not want to waste their precious money on flop movies.

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