Casino games movies have always attracted the attention of filmmakers. There are many gaming movies made by Hollywood and other cinemas in the world. Casino games movies are interesting depending on how carefully the plot is knitted.

In general, these casino movies highlight the entertainment factor related to casino games. These films also highlight the point that the use of technology and surveillance is extremely strong in this industry.

The latest technology is opted for by casinos very quickly. Even the best online casinos need the latest technology to run successfully. There are so many games going on at one time in large casinos that without the use of technology, these casinos cannot survive.

Best gaming movies also highlight this same point of view. On our list of best gaming movies, there are a few popular names.

Best gaming movies

  1. Killing them softly: This film has Brad Pitt playing the male lead. It is the story of an enforcer named Jackie Cogan who was to ensure that order is restored after a mob protected game is robbed by three guys. Their actions led to the collapse of the local economy, and thus had disturbed the order badly. This film was released in 2012.
  1. Casino Jack: This film was released in 2010 and it has Kevin Spacey in the lead. The film revolves around a Washington DC lobbyist whose life leads him to corruption, casinos, and murder.
  1. What happens in Vegas: This film was released in 2008. It stars Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. It is a story of a couple who meet in Vegas and while playing games in the casino and getting drunk, they end up marrying each other. Afterward, as a lot of money is on stakes, they have to live together for some time posing they are a real couple.
  1. Casino Royale: Daniel Craig appeared as James Bond 007 in this film. It was released in 2006. Bond has to defeat a weapons dealer in a high stakes game in this film.
  1. Ocean’s eleven: Probably the most interesting film of the lot, Ocean’s Eleven has a wonderful cast including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon. Daniel Ocean and his colleagues rob three casinos in this film.

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