Christina Ricci is an American actress; she was born on 12th February, 1980 in California, United States of America and started her acting career as a child star.

She appeared in the famous Hollywood movie “The Adams Family” in 1991, which helped her budding career a great deal.

Career Highlights

As a child famous Hollywood actress Christina Ricci did a school play titled “The Twelve Day of Christmas” and caught the fancy of a movie critic and as a result she appeared in a number of commercial before getting a chance to appear in her first movie titled “Mermaids” in 1990.

In 1991, she appeared in “The Addams Family” followed by its sequel titled “Addams Family Values”. Both of the movies proved to be successful on box office and paved the way for Christina Ricci to get a role in another successful movie titled “Casper”.

When she grew older, she appeared in “Now and Then”, “The Darn Cat”, “Gold Diggers” and “The Secret of Bear Mountain”. Her performance in “Buffalo 66” and “The Opposite of Sex” won critical acclaim and her first ever Golden Globe nomination for best actress.

Christina Ricci had a major breakthrough of her career with “Buffalo 66”, which earned her a place in “the Opposite of Sex”, which brought her first ever Golden Globe nomination in the category for best actress.

As a child star she was nominated for Saturn Award in the category for Best Young Actress for her exceptional performance in “The Addams Family” in 1993. She won Florida Film Critics Award for movie titled “The Opposite of Sex” and Saturn Award for Best Actress for “The Sleepy Hollow”.

Top Ten Movies of Christina Ricci:

⦁ Addams Family
⦁ Addams Family Values
⦁ Casper
⦁ Buffalo 66
⦁ Pecker
⦁ The Ice Storm
⦁ The Darn Cat
⦁ The Opposite of Sex
⦁ Sleepy Hollow
⦁ Bless The Child

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