Ninety-six years was far too short a time, we lost one Hollywood’s greatest leading ladies in June of 2003. Katharine Hepburn was born Katharine Houghton Hepburn, on 12th May, 1907 in Hartford, Connecticut (USA).

Career Highlights

During her amazing career she acted opposite some of the greatest actors and alongside some of the best actresses in Hollywood history. Her unconventional beauty and gritty voice, added to her propensity for portraying hard headed, opinionated women, soon made her a controversial but beloved star.

In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked Katherine Hepburn as the Greatest Female Star in the History of American Cinema. There was no role that frightened Hepburn.

She was a dauntless and intrepid in the roles she sought out as she was in playing them. Her ability to put a tough face on a soft heart often shone through and many of her best films had her playing a tough female with a heart of gold.

Hepburn never made excuses for her acting style. Often her clipped, husky accent just didn’t suit a director or the critics. She had her share of box office flops, and would often take a break from film and return to the stage when she faced a crisis as a movie star.

Katharine Hepburn won a total of four Oscars for Best actress. The first was for “Morning Glory”, in 1933. She won Oscars and BAFTA Awards for best actress in “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” in 1967, “The Lion in Winter” in 1968 and “On Golden Pond” in 1981. Her nominations for awards are too numerous to list.

Top Ten Movies of Katharine Hepburn:

⦁ The Lion In Winter
⦁ The African Queen
⦁ Desk Set
⦁ On Golden Pond
⦁ The Philadelphia Story
⦁ Holiday
⦁ Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
⦁ Suddenly Last Summer
⦁ True Grit
⦁ Adam’s Rib

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