It’s sort of hard for me to believe that Meryl Streep is 71 years old. It seems like only yesterday she got her first Best Actress Oscar nomination for the 1978 hit, “The Deer Hunter”.

I personally fell in love with Streep when she became, for me at least, the personification of one my favorite novelists, Isak Dinesen, in the 1985 film, “Out of Africa”.

Known not only for her willingness to accept challenging roles, but also for her ability to master them, she is a sure contender to one day receive that lifetime achievement award, and one of the few actresses of her era that truly deserve it.

She is known as one of the best actresses of her generation and has a record of being nominated for 21 Academy Awards out of which she has won three.

Career Highlights

Meryl is relentlessly honest in her portrayals. Whether she is suffering in a Nazi death camp or striding over the world in Italian leather heels or is a simple nun seeking justice within a corrupt system, we believe her.

We believe her because, she has the magical ability to suspend reality and become, for that hour and a half, or two hours of film, the person she is playing. I don’t think that Meryl Streep has any great acting flaws.

She is not classically beautiful, but has so much charisma that she can play the femme fatale. Some argue her pronunciation of some dialects is a bit less than flawless. Perhaps, but that never seems to detract from her performance.

Meryl Streep has won:

⦁ Best Supporting Actress for both the Academy Awards and Golden Globe for Kramer Vs. Kramer in 1979
⦁ A BAFTA Best Actress in a Leading Role award in 1981 for the French Lieutenant’s Woman
⦁ Oscar for Best Actress in Sophie’s Choice, 1982
⦁ Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in Adaptation, 2002
⦁ Golden Globe for Best Actress, Julie and Julia, 2009

In addition, she has received numerous other slightly less prestigious but no less noteworthy awards for her talents, and has many nominations from the Academy, The Globes and BAFTA to her credit.

Top Ten Movies of Meryl Streep:

⦁ Julie & Julia
⦁ Doubt
⦁ The Devil Wears Prada
⦁ The Hours
⦁ Adaptation
⦁ One True Thing
⦁ Out of Africa
⦁ A Cry in the Dark
⦁ Kramer Vs. Kramer
⦁ Sophie’s Choice

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