Richard Tiffany Gere known as Richard Gere is a renowned American actor. He was born on 31st August, 1949 in Pennsylvania, United States of America. He has appeared in many movies in the leading roles and won Golden Globe Award for best actor.

Early career

Richard Gere started his career in 1970s; he appeared in “Looking for Mr. Goodbar”, which subsequently resulted in Richard getting a leading role in “Days of Heaven”. In 1973, he appeared in “Grease”, followed by another significant role in movie titled “Bent”. In the movie titled “American Gigolo”, he performed meticulously to earn fame and critical acclaim. In 1982, he performed well in a drama titled “An Officer and a Gentleman”, grossing $130 million in 1982.

The decade of 1990s brought several roles for Richard Gere including in “Sommersby”, “Primal Fear”, “Runaway Bride” and “The Jackal”, all of them were well received by the audience and helped his career a great deal. In 2002, he appeared in the horror movie titled “The Mothman Prophecies” followed by the drama titled “Unfaithful”, which helped him establish his name as an actor of his own league.

Career Highlights

Richard Gere had a successful start to his career with the movie “Looking for Mr. Goodbar”. Following the successful debut he went on to appear in a number of successful movies like “Days of Heaven”, “American Gigolo”, “An Officer and a Gentleman”, “Primal Fear”, “Pretty Woman”, and “Chicago”, He won Golden Globe Award in the category for Best Actor along with a Screen Actors Guild Award in the category for the best cast for “Chicago”.

Best Movies of Richard Gere

  • Days of Heaven
  • An Officer and a Gentleman
  • Pretty Woman
  • And the Band Played On
  • American Gigolo
  • The hoax
  • Looking for Mr. Goodbar
  • Chicago
  • Time Out of Mind
  • The Benefactor

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