Sally Margaret Field is a well-known actress, director, singer, screenwriter and producer of United States of America. She was born on 6th November, 1946 in California.

Sally Field has won numerous awards including the two Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

Career Highlights

Sally Field started her career in 1960, appearing in a TV Sitcom titled “Gidget”, which earned her a role in “The Flying Nuns”. She made her debut movie appearance in “Moon Pilot”, which was released in 1962. She had to wait for five long years to land a leading role in the movie titled “The Way West” released in 1967.

Following an impressive performance in the lead role, Sally Filed went on to appear in some successful movies of the time including “Smokey and the Bandit”, followed by another lead role in “Norma Rae”.

She established her name as a versatile actress with impressive performance in movies including “The End”, “Smokey and the Bandit II” and “Back Roads”. In 1980s, she appeared in a Golden Globe nomination winning roles in the movies including “Steel Magnolias”, “Kiss Me Goodbye” and “Absence of Malice”.

Sally Field’s performance in “The Flying Nuns”, brought her into the limelight to earn a role in “Smokey and the Bandit” for which she won Golden Globe nomination for best actress.

“Norma Rae” can be termed as the major highlight of her career as she won her maiden Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for best actress. In 1984, she won her second Academy Award in the best actress category for the movie titled “Places in the Heart”.

Top Ten Movies of Sally Field:

⦁ Smokey and the Bandit
⦁ Norma Rae
⦁ Absence of Malice
⦁ Kiss Me Goodbye
⦁ Places in the Heart
⦁ Murphy’s Romance
⦁ Steel Magnolias
⦁ Forrest Gump
⦁ Where the Heart Is
⦁ Two Weeks

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