Melodious songs are loved by South Asian people. Songs are an essential part of any movie in Pakistan and India. Audience love melodious songs of movies. In Pakistan and India music of any movie is directly or indirectly responsible for its success.

Lollywood and Bollywood consist of an ever refreshing stream of melodious songs which are the outcome of hard work of many people involved in making them. For example a singer gives his or her voice to add beauty to the song whereas a music director provides direction insights for the music.

A song reflects the hard work of the music director too. The music directors put their direction energy into the songs. Lollywood and Bollywood comprise of a galaxy of talented music directors who are continuously striving to provide best music to the audience.

Music directors add life to any song and they provide direction insights. Let’s talk about the most prominent music directors who have being successfully providing magical music to the movies.

Best Music Directors of Lollywood

Although there are many famous music directors in Lollywood but the best music directors of Pakistani film industry have been listed below:

  1. Muslehuddin
  2. Khan Ataur Rehman
  3. Amjad Bobby
  4. Ghulam Haider
  5. A Hameed
  6. Robin Ghosh
  7. M Ashraf
  8. Bashir Ahmed
  9. Nazir Ali
  10. Khurshid Anwar

Best Music Directors of Bollywood

Although there are many famous music directors in Bollywood but the best music directors of the Indian film industry have been listed below:

  1. Anu Malik
  2. Himesh Reshammiya
  3. A R Rahman
  4. Vishal Bhardwaj
  5. Rajesh Roshan
  6. Vishal Shehekar
  7. Shankaar Ehsaan and Loy
  8. Nadeem Shravan
  9. Naushad
  10. Bappi Lahiri

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