The clay-court is considered to be one of the toughest surfaces in the world of tennis where major players find it tough to fight against the unseeded players.

It requires sheer hard work and fitness to play the shots at clay-court due to the resistance provided by the clay while playing shots. The French Open Grand Slam tournament which is played on clay court surface is known to be the tournament where major upsets can be expected.

The reason for this to happen is that the players start playing tennis on the hardcourt from the start of their career and adjust to that surface and when it comes to playing at clay-court struggles start.

Rafael Nadal, who is a professional tennis player from Spain, is known to be the best clay-court player who has won eighty-one (81) matches at the clay-court which is a world record.

Rafael Nadal has won four consecutive French Open Grand Slam tournaments from 2005 to 2008 by beating different ranked players including world number one Roger Federer.

Nadal’s nine wins out of thirteen over the world number one has come on a clay court surface which shows his dominance on the clay court. Due to his active fitness footwork and sheer power in the shots he has achieved great success on the clay court.

Nadal has successfully equaled the record of Bjorn Borg of 6 French Open titles which clearly shows his dominance and grip on clay win. Out of ten grand slams for Nadal, 6 titles are won on the Clay surface (French Open) which explains why people call Nadal, The Clay King!

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