The Cannes Film Festival is the most esteemed film event of the year. It was actually scheduled to take place in 1939 but was postponed as the World War II broke out. The festival first commenced in 1946 in Cannes the French Riviera town of the rich and famous.

It is a ten day event in which top film directors, producers and first time directors from the whole world participate. The best film of the festival wins the most prestigious award, Palme d’Or. Other prizes include The Grand Prize, The Jury Prize and the prizes for the best categories of actor, actresses, short films, director, and screen play.

The panel of jury is picked earlier in the year and comprises of international artists who are known for their outstanding performance in their respective fields. The screening of the movies takes place at the Palais des Festivals, a modern state of the art complex equipped with the best sound system and translation facilities.

The Cannes Film Festival is a non-public affair where you can view the films on invitation only. However, the general public can watch a Cannes Classic; a film especially selected for public viewing or a film although being screened at the festival but not a part of the competition. The screening of this movie takes place at Mace Beach.

The Cannes Film Festival provides an opportunity for film directors to launch their film projects globally. Another event running along with Cannes Film Festival is “Marche du Film”. It can be considered as the busiest and biggest movie market which draws a large number of buyers and sellers.

The major attraction of the festival is its red carpet event. Here you can see your favorite actor and actress dressed in gorgeous designer outfits posing for photographers.

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