The Best Female French Tennis Players
Marion Bartoli, a French former professional tennis player.

Open era France has created an elongated list of modest women tennis players, laterally with some candidates, a few top ten, numerous Hall of Famers, and only one got in French Open champion.

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Must-Read Top Tennis Players
Rodger Federer, Pete Sampras, Rafal nadal etc are the famous tennis players

Tennis is among Tennis is among those sports which have been around in varying forms since the 5th century B.C. The monks were the first to initiate this game.

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Most memorable tennis matches in tennis history
Roger Federer v Rafael Nadal, A part of the storied Federer–Nadal rivalry, it pitted then-top ranked Roger Federer against then second-ranked Rafael Nadal.

We have come up with our rankings for most memorable tennis matches in tennis history based on four factors including importance of the match, drama, historical significance and greatness of the players involved.

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