Tennis is thoroughly entertaining, full of fun, high paced, and competitive sport. It has all the elements which are needed for athletic fitness, physical and mental growth. Watching and playing tennis is fun. Nobody can deny this fact.

The history of tennis is filled with great tennis players. Each player has contributed to the game in his style. Each faced different circumstances and opponents. These factors made some players more impressive than others.

It is difficult to choose top tennis players as all played well. Roger Federer is considered one of the top tennis players. He won Grand Slam 16 times and six times ATP world tour finals winners. He also cherished 285 weeks as the No.1 spot in the ranking. He is the only male tennis player who reached the finals of each Grand Slam almost 5 times.

Another shining star of the tennis world is Pete Sampras, who won 14Grand Slams. He rejoiced world No 1 ranking for 286 weeks. Rafael Nadal is not a new name for the fans of tennis. He is considered the greatest clay-court player of all ages with seven French Open titles. He also won 35 single tournaments on the surface.

A list of top tennis players cannot be completed without Rod Laver. He won Grand Slam 11 times. He amazingly won the Australian Open, Wimbledon and U.S open in the same year. He is the only player who accomplished such success.

Ivan Lendl won Grand Slam for 8 times and held the number 1 ranking spot for 270weeks in totality. The world is crazy about Novak Djokovic. He is on the top of the list in today’s world.

He won 5 Grand Slam titles and also won 41 straight matches from the start of 2011. His career is full of success and that is the clear indication of his bright future. History will remember him as one of the top tennis players.

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