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Any easier task can become highly difficult with the selection of wrong tools for it. It also happens when someone chooses a bad or wrong content management system. Therefore, it is quite necessary to select the best CMS. The sites can be maintained by keeping updates only through this system. The selection of CMS is based on a wide range. There are almost 1700 different types of options to select CMS. When choosing a system of content management, the below given guidelines would be useful to consider.

1) Whatever the main function of your website is, the CMS you choose should be really good and suitable as per your requirements. It should be quite suitable with the kind of website that you’ve developed. Whether it media-heavy, fully-functioning e-commerce or a static website, your main focus should be on the right selection.

2) The intuitive functioning is necessary from a site. The proper labeling of different elements is important in a site. Without long paragraphs of guidelines, the basic function should be easier to figure out for a user. There should be simple sidebar elements, changing themes option, page editing and new page posting options in a site.

3) The backend of a site must also have basic functioning. The backend section must have a standardized format with the help of good content management system. For instance, the selection of one option requires opening drop-down menu then it should be same for the selection of other options.

4) The well-organized and logical backend is a key rule for it. There should be proper grouping or listing of every option related to each category. These options should not be clustered in a site. Their placement must be in a proper manner and with some distance.

5) Lots of extra functionalities with no use should not be a right content management system. For instance, a site should not focus on having ecommerce CMS if it don’t have an online store. Always focus on the functionalities that would be in the use.

6) It should be easy-to-use for the people other than web developers and web designers who are considered as tech savvy. Always prefer simpler, easy-to-understand and with no complicated functionalities.

7) WYSIWYG editor should be included in a system of content management. It is quite easy-to-use for the people. For non-tech savvy users, this editor creates sections through header tags as well as using italic or bold text.

8) The completion of creative control should be allowed by the template engine. The display and overall appearance of a website should be well-designed with neat columns. The navigation drop-downs and sidebar navigations should also be used in a site.

9) Documentation and adequate support are also important for the selection of right content management system.

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