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Considering the Modern Writing Outsourcing Industry? Does Writing Come Naturally to You? Great artists, dancers, musicians and, yes, great writers, seem to possess some inherited tendencies that the rest of us lack. While most of us never attain their level of skill or mastery, with time and effort, we can all learn to paint, dance, play and/or sing and, yes, even write. In fact, of all of the “arts”, writing is probably the one that requires the least effort to emulate. By the time we’ve finished grade school, we can compose a sentence, a paragraph and maybe even a simple essay. When we graduate from high school, we can write: a term paper, a short story, a play or even get our own byline in the school paper. College then forces us to upgrade our existing abilities, stretching them to cover new forms of academic composition and writing.  Still, with all of this training in word craft, very few people go on to pursue careers in writing. Could you?

There is a very good reason to ask that question, and answer it… today. The advent of the Internet has opened a broad, rapidly expanding new field of writing that isn’t just looking for the gifted geniuses amongst us. Rather they are looking for people who write competently and capably, and that can be relied upon for integrity and timeliness. Those are skills that require discipline and effort, but not any great degree of “talent”. Today’s modern writing outsourcing field needs people who can write articles, essays and content for web sites, blogs, magazine and newspaper articles and more. With an expanding market, there is an expanding need for writers to join the fold. So, I ask again. Could you?

For some of us, even those without any great gift for words, writing is as natural as breathing. For others, it is an arduous labor. Most, I believe, will find they belong somewhere in between the two extremes. This “in-between” majority can write. They may not love it, but they are capable of decent writing. This is the writer the outsourcing industry is looking for. Why?

While some of the firms who outsource writing are looking for the genius and the talent, most are simply looking for competency. Competency, in case you hadn’t guessed, doesn’t earn quite as much money as genius does. It does, however, provide the modern writing outsource market with much needed written materials to sell to their clients. Additionally, it offers the fledgling “writer” a chance to hone their skills, acquire new ones and increase their earning power.

If you’re a natural author, the decision is probably going to be easier than it will be for the writer who is “on the fence” about writing for money. Still, whichever best describes you; I would strongly encourage you to give it a try. Do a web search for freelance writing opportunities. They abound. Look for entry level assignments and apply. You might find that you have just what it takes to succeed in a growing industry that is waiting just for you.

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