Pakistani Cricket Player Shahid Afridi: Background

A wise, god-gifted, magnificent soul who has made a name in the history of Pakistan former cricketer Shahid Afridi is famous with the title Boom Boom Afridi. Afridi was easily one of the best players in the history of Pakistan. This genius and superstar was a right-handed batter and leg-spin bowler. He was indeed an all-rounder. His intense batting skills made him serve the Pakistan cricket team for years. He started playing cricket at a very young age. He entered Pakistan’s cricket team when he was just 16 years old. His fiery batting techniques and his leg spin bowling made him successful in limited overs cricket. Former cricketer and captain Afridi played as a significant member of the Pakistani cricket team for years and earned huge victories. In the year 1996, he made his first international appearance in an ODI series. Former cricketer Afridi presented himself for the first time in a test series in the year 1998 and in his first T20 international appearance in opposition to the team England in the year 2006. He has served Pakistan for years and has been among the nation’s favorite cricketers.

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Pakistani Cricket Team Player Shahid Afridi: Batting and Bowling Statistics

Former cricketer and caption, Afridi possessed multiple skills. He had great command over his batting as well as his bowling. His passionate and zealous attitude towards cricket made him a significant player for the team. During his long cricketing journey, he achieved countless unusual milestones. Afridi, during his ODI series, represented Pakistan in 398 matches, scored 8064 runs, and took 395 wickets. Being an all-rounder, Afridi was not only active on the batting side but also served Pakistan with his brilliant off-spin bowling. In his T20 international journey, he played 99 matches, scored 1416 runs, and took 98 wickets. His test career consists of 27 matches, 1716 runs, and 48 wickets. Moreover, during his T20 career, the former cricketer played 329 matches, scored 4399 runs, and successfully took 347 wickets. He has always been a sign of victory for Pakistan. He was inspired for his spiritedness by the cricket enthusiasts. In the list in his career, Afridi, due to his exceptional batting skills, made a massive 10881 runs in 501 matches and was able to grab 510 wickets. He has always been applauded for his massive records.

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Pakistani Cricket Team Player Shahid Afridi: Records

Former cricketer and Captain Shahid Afridi remained prominent for his broad spectrum in the cricket field throughout his career. This energetic all-rounder always had the spark and ability to take the necessary runs and wickets. Afridi has broken the most records throughout his career. In the T20 international series, Afridi took the most wickets. He set the record for knocking the fastest century out of just 37 balls. He accomplished the century in the ODI series while being the youngest player on the Pakistan cricket team. Furthermore, Afridi, in his ODI career, was awarded the title of collecting the most sixes. He was also crowned the record holder for taking the most wickets in ICC series.

Undoubtedly, his elegant spin bowling skills earned so much for the Pakistan cricket team. His command over both bat and ball made him contribute even more to the victories for Pakistan. He took massive wickets in the T20 international series. Afridi has also been awarded the title of youngest captain, as he became captain at a very young age, when he was just 20 years old. He broke the record for scoring the most wickets as a captain. Afridi declared his retirement from international cricket in 2017. He earned massive respect from the nation for his extraordinary talent and participation in the different leagues. Shahid Afridi was and is still a legend of the Pakistan cricket team. He will always be our superstar. The nation will remember him forever.

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