Pakistani Cricket Player Junaid Khan: Background

The only Pakistani cricketer who came all the way from Swabi KPK on the cricket field. Pakistani cricket team player Junaid khan from Swabi district is a right-handed batsman and a left-arm fast bowler. Cricketer Junaid Khan entered the cricket world back in 2007. Initially, he used to play cricket in his hometown with a tape ball. His journey from tape ball cricket to hardball cricket is quite interesting. Pakistani cricket team player Junaid khan started playing cricket for Abbottabad back in 2007 when he was in his teens. Khan being the right-arm fast bowler possesses phenomenal bowling skills. His swift bowling earned him great fame and he was selected for the National cricket team of Pakistan. His progress in swinging the ball led him to success.

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Pakistani Cricketer Junaid Khan: Statistics

Pakistani cricket team player Junaid khan, being a superb fast bowler gave countless outstanding performances on a domestic level and was later invited to the national stage ICC world cup in the year 2011 as a substitute for cricketer Sohail Tanvir. He was capable of hitting the ball differently. Junaid has the ability to perform in crucial situations. He was undoubtedly considered one of the great fast bowlers. He gave his first international appearance in the year 2011 in the test series against Zimbabwe.

Junaid Khan had given numerous outstanding performances on all stages. He substantially played as a bowler. In his test series career, he played 22 matches and successfully took 71 wickets. Cricketer Junaid in his ODI career played 76 matches and took 110 wickets in total. Moreover his List A matches career he appeared in 151 matches and easily grabbed 207 wickets. In his T20 career, he represented the Pakistani cricket team in 172 matches and grabbed 200 wickets. He had participated will complete determination and willingness in Pakistan’s cricket team victory.

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Pakistani Cricket Player Junaid Khan: Records

Pakistani cricketer Junaid Khan made countless achievements in his career. His extreme love for the game and his profound bowling skills earned him the love and respect of the cricket fans. He had brought many victories to Pakistan in all formats. He made various records during his career. In the year 2012, He was able to grasp 4 wickets for 12 runs in an ODI match that was held in opposition to Sri Lanka. Furthermore, in the year 2017 during the Champions Trophy, he played a vital role as a Pakistani cricket team player. Pakistani cricketer Junaid Khan had been a prominent wicket-taker in innumerable ODI series. He performed in his last international series in 2019 against the team England. Though he is not active anymore on the cricket ground his remarkable bowling skills and his contributions to the team will always be remembered.

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