In a test match, batsmen get a chance to make a lot of runs while protecting the wickets. Making a highest career strike rate is a dream of every batsman and they try their best to achieve this dream. But it takes a lot of effort and only some people get the chance to make it on the top places of the list.

If you take a look at the highest career strike rate in test cricket, you will see that the highest is 3830 by GA Lohmann. He played for England in 1886 – 1896. He had these balls in 1205 runs. Breaking his records is not very easy.

The most recent career striker was SE Bond from New Zealand with 2302 balls in 1922 runs from 2001-2009

Best career strike rate

GA Lohmann1886-189634.1
JJ Ferris1887-189237.7
SE Bond2001-200938.7
DW Steyn2004-201139.9
SF Barnes1901-191441.6
AEE Vogler1906-191143.1
Waqar Younis1989-200343.4
FR Spofforth1877-188744.5
W Barnes1880-189044.8
J Cowie1937-194945.0
JV Saunders1902-190845.1
J Brigg1884-189945.1
FH Tyson1954-195945.4
C Blythe1901-191045.4
Shoaib Akhtar1997-200745.7
JJC Lawson2002-200546.3
HV Hordern1911-191246.6
MD Marshall1978-199146.7
AA Donald1992-200247.0
W Bates1881-188747.2
CB Llewellyn1896-191247.7
SP Jones2002-200547.8
RO Schwarz1906-191247.9
DE Bollinger2009-201048.0
Mohammad Asif2005-201048.7
GJ Gilmour1973-197749.2
CEH Croft1977-198249.3
FS Trueman1952-196549.4
DW Headley1997-199950.4
Shabbir Ahmed2003-200550.5
J Garner1977-198750.8
Sir RJ Hadlee1973-199050.8
MA Holding1975-198750.9
T Richardson1893-189851.1
CTB Turner1887-189551.2
GA Faulkner1906-192451.5
SL Malinga2004-201051.5
D Gough1994-200351.6

An interesting point to note is that with the growth of cricket in recent decades, strike rate has gained much more importance. If one looks at the scoring rate which was a norm a few decades back, the game of cricket today appears to be really fast.

With the modernization of cricket into first ODI and then T20 format, the pace of this game overall has changed. Now strike rate also matters a lot. Even in Test matches, scoring 300 runs and more in a day is a norm. Higher strike rate has made the game a bigger challenge for the bowlers mainly.

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