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Do’s And Don’ts For Excellent White Paper Writing.

White paper consists of information of specific interest or authority. Some do’s and don’ts for white paper have been given below:

Do’s of White Paper Writing

There are some rules which are to be followed in order to write white paper effectively.

1.      Do Research

Do research before putting anything on a piece of paper. Read authentic journals and take information from reliable sources. Collect facts and figures from trustworthy sites or databases and use them in the report.

2.      Do Make It Easy For The Reader

Try to write in as much simple language as possible. If you need to use any difficult terminology in the paper, explain it. Always try to convey your message to others in an easy language for maximum output.

3.      Do Use Visuals

The people often get bored by reading a white paper full of factual data. Make it catchy for the readers by putting images and graphics in the paper. Use graphs, charts and diagrams also to create a good impact on the readers.

Don’ts of White Paper

Some things need to be avoided for producing a good piece of white paper.

1.      Don’t Belittle Your Audience

Do not just think that there are fools going to read your document! Your paper will direct a specific audience with a certain education and experience. So avoid any absurd data or piece of information which would be fatal for the readers. Do not let anyone create doubts about the factual information contained in the paper.

2.      Don’t Seem Over-Studious

Don’t use difficult phrases or terms in the paper which would cause the readers to open a dictionary. Remember you are not here to show how studious or intellectual you are! You have to refrain from using phraseology flooded with difficult words.

3.      Don’t Advertise Your Paper

Don’t write your paper to give reader an impression that you want to promote a certain product. Do not use flowery language and speak for a specific product exaggerating its features.

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