managing writer's block

Do’s and Don’ts of Managing Writer’s Block.

Do’s of writer’s block

  • Do make a habit of writing at least one page daily. Do free writing instead of burdening yourself with a variety of topics.
  • Do take care of your physical health so you can focus well on your writing.
  • Do make an effort to keep your mind stable and healthy all the time. It is important to foster positive thoughts in your mind all the time.
  • Indulge yourself in mental and physical exercise to avoid the happening of writer’s block. You can solve some puzzle or do something like that to keep your mind fresh and in working condition.
  • Do keep yourself interested in writing by writing on the topics of your choice. Try writing whenever you have a nice idea in your mind that needs to be penned down.

Don’ts of writer’s block

  • Don’t make yourself guilty for going through the writer’s block. It will only worsen the condition and will not going to do any good for you.
  • Don’t pain yourself with forcing yourself to writing if you just do not feel like so. Instead take time to resume the writing process.
  • Don’t try to only use your hands but indulge your whole body also in attempting to produce quality work. Take a walk for a while and go back to work after some idea stuck your mind.
  • Don’t sit and try to write in a place that is full of noise or other distractions. These distractions will not let you concentrate on your writing easily.
  • Don’t write on topics that bore you as they will trigger the writer’s block. Instead always try writing on creative and interesting topics.

It is hoped that the above mentioned tips will help you in curing writer’s block. These guidelines will especially help you if you are a freelance writer.

Do’s and Don’ts of Managing Writer’s Block

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