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Do’s of News Article Writing

While preparing yourself for an article to be published in a newspaper, take care of the following steps :

  • Do read a lot in order to prepare yourself to write a well-read article for the newspaper. You should be able to deliver your precious opinions and thoughts about a topic.
  • Do take care of spellings, word choice and vocabulary. Make sure the piece of work is flawless and free from grammar errors.
  • Do try to focus on the headline of the newspaper article. It is the portion which gets most read by the majority of people.
  • Also pay attention to the introduction of the newspaper article. Try to add all the main point of the article in it.
  • Make your writing piece catchy and use dictionary throughout.
  • Try to write in a way which can bring the attention of masses to some significant issue.

Don’ts of News Article Writing

Try to avoid these things while you write an article for the newspaper:

  • Do not neglect any sect of society while writing a newspaper article. You have to take care of each and every segment of the society.
  • Don’t attempt to give prejudiced opinions on social issues. Be neutral in your approach toward writing.
  • Don’t try to exaggerate while presenting any issue. Be in control and do full justice to any topic that you have encountered.
  • Try to avoid writing anything that is ridiculous or silly. Always be sensible and try to write which can be accepted by a mature audience.
  • Don’t make your writing a way to provoke some segments of the society. Rather pay attention to the sensitive things of the society and write about them.
  • Do not just write something about which you do not know much about.

These points can help in better news article writing.

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