Do’s of research paper writing
⦁ Do a great deal of research prior to writing a research paper. Your research must utilize the books, journal articles and reliable data sheets. All of the sources that you use for the research paper must be authentic and reliable.
⦁ You should pay special attention to referencing in the research paper. There are two types of citations; in-text and end-text. You should focus on both of these citations to produce a research paper that is well-referenced. Follow any recommended referencing style for the research paper to give it a uniform look. You can go for any referencing style like APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard and so on. It is up to your discretion or you can contact your instructor for the suggested style of referencing for your research paper.
⦁ There must be a flow in your research paper. All the ideas and concepts used in the paper must be connected to each other. There must not be in-congruence or irrelevance to the research topic in your paper.
Don’ts of research paper writing
⦁ Don’t add the concepts in the paper which you cannot justify. You must either have a good reference for a single idea you put in the paper or be able to justify its inclusion. Do not try to put baseless thoughts in the research paper.
⦁ Don’t exceed the page limits or word count suggested by the instructor. You might be specified about the number of pages to write by your college or university. Strictly follow these guidelines and make a mental map of the things that you will put in your paper within the specified word limit.
⦁ Don’t plagiarize and make maximum use of plagiarism software during your research work. Check the text you write for any traces of copied content and revise, if found to be plagiarized.

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