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Do’s and Don’ts of Travel Writing.

Do’s of travel writing

  • Do lots of research before starting on an article. Your research must be purposeful and must not seem futile.
  • Your writing should give a reflection of your personality. It must be able to indicate to the readers what a person you really are.
  • There must be some angle in your travel writing. Select an idea and write about it in the travel article. The idea can be any issue that you want to raise or discuss in relation to travelling.
  • Whatever you write, make sure your language is crisp and catchy. The words that you include in the article must be easy to understand as well as relevant.
  • There must be an impression of balance and harmony in the article. It must be a good fusion of good description and accurate facts.
  • Always try to get an idea of the type of audience that is going to read your article. Write keeping in view these people.

Don’ts of travel writing

  • Don’t hesitate to interview tourists while you plan to visit a destination that you going to write about. It will give you an in-depth insight into that specific place.
  • Don’t stop yourself from taking and including lots of pictures of the place that you are visiting. The inclusion of pictures in the travel writing piece will make it easy for the readers to take idea of that specific place. They will be able to more clearly see and get a glimpse into the region.
  • Don’t take a step into freelance travel writing if you are not really interested to write about places. Choose only this field if you have the right guts to become freelance travel writer.
  • Do not make use of clichés too much. Keep in mind the fact that you are writing about places, not people.

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