Do’s of using writing to make money
⦁ In order to use writing as a means to make money, you need to know about the basic skills of writing. You must be good at vocabulary, word usage, grammar and writing style. For this purpose, take guidance from good books that teach writing skills.
⦁ Do contact writing firms to get hired as a freelance writer although you can work independently too. The advantage of getting affiliated with a writing company is that they keep you busy all the time. They have writing projects coming all the time and you will never be short of freelance work.
⦁ Go for blogging, eBook writing or any other freelance writing genre to earn money. There are many options for you to make bucks like travel writing, sales copy writing or web content writing. So adopt any genre that you feel yourself comfortable with and start earning now.
Don’ts of using writing to make money
⦁ Do not try to run after every project that you get from the writing company. Instead, evaluate your skills and only accept those projects that you can do better at. In other words, make quality work your priority not bulk work without quality. Even if you can earn lot of money through accepting bulk work but it might affect your work quality
⦁ Do not get obsessed with getting rich overnight. Everyone needs time to strengthen his position as a writer. So, bear patiently and keep working hard till the time you are able to enjoy your rank as an expert freelance writer.
⦁ Do not write on the topic which you do not know anything about. Instead always write the articles and stuff that you are educated about. There is no point in going for travel writing if you have no flair for travelling.

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