There are certain things you must do and others which you must not do while writing web content.

Do explain the benefits of the website
It is important for you to explain to your readers what is special about your website. It will do you no good if you talk about the negative aspects of your website. So, show the readers that your website is worth giving time to go through its content.
Do your readers a favor
Do favor your readers by telling them what you can offer for them. It is better to include such a point in the content that eases the readers. Make them confide in the site and view the website as the best. Make them feel good by telling them they can get a good customer support through the site.
Do take care of consistency
Do take care of the consistent formatting and refrain from adding fonts or formatting of multiple sorts. Also, show uniformity in the content by using similar colors, patterns and graphics throughout.
Don’t prolong the text
Don’t use long sentences and paragraphs in the text. Instead write brief and concise about the website. However, take care in selecting the calculated words. The content should be of superb quality though it might seem less in amount. Web content writing is better if it is precise.
Don’t make the readers flee from the site
Don’t use cheap words or clever and cute phrases in the web content. They will only make the readers flee from the web page and find some site with better content. So, be careful about the word choice and make the readers stick to your web page by catchy lines. This is something you need to ensure while web content writing is in progress. Quality will matter in the long run.
Don’t commit blunders
Don’t try to mislead the readers by giving them false and inaccurate information. You should be able to provide them with meaningful information. So do not burden their mind by telling them irrelevant and baseless opinions.
These are important points about web content writing which you should always follow.

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