We present to you the richest tennis players in history.

Roger Federer – The Swiss player is a recorder in lots of categories, and definitely leads on the richest tennis players list, too. He has won a little bit under $100 million just from the prize money from the tournaments, without counting the money from sponsors.

Pete Sampras – It isn’t Sampras’ fault that he played when prize money was lower than these days. Still, it wasn’t that long ago, as he managed to put it over $40 million from playing tennis, with endorsements bringing him a whole lot of wealth too.

Serena Williams – She is close to becoming the player who won most Grand Slam singles titles when it comes to ladies’ tennis, but Williams is by far the player who earned the most. Her prize money during the career has gone over $70 million dollars and she is not stopping.

Maria Sharapova – The Russian might have won only the half as much as Serena for playing professional tennis, but her beauty enables her great money from commercials and other endorsements. Sharapova’s beauty makes her one of the richest tennis players ever.

Novak Djokovic – Djokovic is on the way to pass Federer when it comes to the amount of prize money earned on the tournaments (already has over $90 million). Although the Serbian might not have earned equally when it comes to sponsor deals, he certainly has enough to be one of the richest tennis players.

Rafael Nadal – Rafal might not be in such a great form lately, but he doesn’t need to worry. More than $70 million dollars he won in his career keep him safe for rest of his life.

Anna Kournikova – Although the Russian has earned ‘just’ a couple of millions of dollars during the professional career, yet her net worth is estimated at around $50 million, and he owes it to her beauty and sponsor deals she signed.

Li Na – The Chinese has used the fact she is the best Asian tennis player in history, although she has earned less than $17 million dollars of tournament prize money.

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