essay writing

Essay writing is skill which is aimed toward presenting a certain point of view. There may be many purposes of writing an essay. Some essays are meant to argue over some issue while some narrate an event. Whatever the essay is, it follows a standard format. The essays have a proper introduction, main body and a logical ending.

Structure of an essay

The essay starts with a brief introduction that tells the readers what will be included in the essay. Some essays start with an outline which describes which structure the essay will follow. After an introduction, the main body of the essay starts. Here, the essay writer explains the main points in details. The main body ends with a reasonable conclusion. Here the whole information contained in the paper is summarized.
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Good essay writing is an art that is often underestimated. The writer’s skill and abilities can be displayed more profoundly in an essay than nearly any other single type of written work. In this short work, the author reveals his or her most personal feelings, ideas and perceptions. No other work is more personal, save perhaps that of an autobiography. And few others lend themselves to the use of nearly all forms of technique and style.

Great essayists are usually learned individuals with ideas that are relevant to share, but the field of essay writing is not limited to the Ralph Waldo Emersons of this world. Anyone with an idea, a command of the language and an urge to share these with readers can compose an essay. While they are termed “short works”, essays can be several pages or a couple of simple paragraphs. They should follow form, introducing the subject, supplementing that introduction with ideas and thoughts and summarizing the subject again at the end. In this, as in all written works, they follow a pattern. .

Often, essay writing starts out as random sentences that flow from the writer’s ideas, and then they are edited and composed into a readable form afterwords. But, given the fact that they are drawn from an individual writer’s very self, they should never be routine or regimented in their composition. Good essay writing can often serve as certain proof of a writer’s skill.

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