In 1896, the Tennis game was played as a Summer Olympic sport in Olympic Games that were held in Athens. Two matches of tennis men’s singles and men’s doubles were played in Olympic Games Opening. Ana Ivanovic is a famous tennis player.

Women were permitted to play this game in 1900 in singles and mixed doubles at Olympic Games. In 1988, it was restored as a medal sport.

Famous and hottest tennis player Ana Ivanovic is a former number one Serbian tennis professional who is currently ranked at number twenty-two in the WTA rankings. She has won only a single Grand Slam in her career to date.

She was a winner in the French Open Grand Slam event in 2008 and was runner up in the French Open in 2007, the Australian Open in 2008 which shows her good record on clay courts and her suitable games at clay court.

Her best record at Wimbledon was to reach the semi-finals in 2007. Due to her gorgeous looks and heavenly body, the Serbian tennis player Ana Ivanovic is considered the hottest tennis player.

Ana Ivanovic is considered to be an offensive baseline player and she is famous for her aggressive style of playing. Her strength at playing is her powerful forehand shot that is considered to be one of the best in the game of tennis.

Even though her backhand shots are not as powerful as forehand shots, she has improved a lot with them. Her services are the lethal weapon for her but are not fully reliable because of her wayward style of tossing the ball around.

Her net play and movements on the court were once noted to be her weakness but she has drastically improved on them. Her best playing surface is clay courts where she has an advantage of her height but she has also performed well on other surfaces.

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