One of the famous female tennis players Maria Sharapova is a former number one Russian professional tennis player who resides in North America but plays sing her Russian nationality.

Maria Sharapova became the World No. 1 on August 22, 2005, and regained this spot again for the fourth time on May 19, 2008. Currently, she has been ranked at number 8 because she hasn’t played much tennis because of consistent injuries.

Maria has won 23 WTA singles titles with three major Grand Slam singles titles in her career to date including 2004 Wimbledon, 2008 Australian Open, and 2006 US Open. She achieved her first major title at Wimbledon in 2004 at the young age of 17.

The year 2010 has been very disappointing for Russian tennis star Sharapova as she could not win any Grand Slam and lost against many players, hence ended at WTA Rank 18.

Maria Sharapova plays an aggressive baseline game with depth, angles, and power on her backhand as well as forehand shots. Rather than hitting regular volley shots, she prefers to play strong and swinging volleys with attacking lobs or by approaching the net.

Considering the height of Maria Sharapova, she is considered to have a very good court covering speed. From the 2008 season, she has improved her game by adding drop shots, sliced backhand shots, and showed improvement in footwork and movement.

Maria Sharapova is famous for her “grunting” on the court which has been recorded at the highest decibel of 101 during Wimbledon 2005. Maria Sharapova was declared as the most glamorous athlete of the decade at the end of 2009.

Russian tennis player, Sharapova is considered the hottest tennis player due to her body curves and gorgeous looks. She has attained much popularity due to her looks.

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