Venus Williams

Famous female tennis player Venus Williams, the older sister of current world number one Serena Williams, has been world number one three times in the history of world tennis. Currently, she has lost her top rankings due to continuous injuries in the Women’s Tennis Association.

Ms. Venus Williams has won twenty-one Grand Slams in her career to date. Out of these titles, she has won seven titles in the singles, twelve Grand Slams in women’s doubles, and two titles have been won in mixed doubles.

Even after sliding to the 19th rank, Venus Williams has won three Grand Slam titles, but due to her inconsistency, she is not climbing up the rankings order. She makes the best pair with her younger sister, famous USA tennis player Serena Williams in women’s double events.

Venus is a powerful baseliner on the tour as well as having an attacking court game. Her game is very much adapted to grass where she plays most comfortably and this directly reflects in the results of her Grand Slams. She has won five Wimbledon Grand Slams.

In her career, she has become an expert volleyer and started using the long wingspan around the net. She has a record of fastest service in the women’s competition in the game overall as well as in all Grand Slam competitions.

Venus Williams also holds the record of playing the longest Wimbledon match against famous female tennis player, Lindsay Davenport. Venus Williams also holds the record for fastest serve 130 mph (209.2147 km/h, 58.12 m/s) and is considered to have one of the best serves in the world of women tennis.

Serena Williams

One of two Williams’ sisters, famous female tennis player Serena Williams, was born in America in 1981. She is the former world no.1 in tennis rankings for women and currently has gone down on the rankings due to her disappearance from tennis. She has a total career tally of 27 Grand Slam titles including 13 singles titles, 12 doubles titles, and 2 mixed doubles.

She is the most recent player to have won all the four Grand Slam titles simultaneously and only the fifth woman in history to do so. She is also the first woman along with her sister Venus to hold all four Grand Slam doubles titles simultaneously. 

USA tennis player Serena Williams has been the world no.1 on five different occasions. She also has a couple of Olympic Gold medals to her tally which makes her one of the most accomplished tennis players in world tennis today.

She is the greatest tennis player in the world, male or female, to have won the four Grand Slams and the 5th player in tennis history to do so. She is the highest earner in terms of career prize money in any sport among females. Tennis Magazine has ranked her as the 17th best tennis player ever to have played in the last 40 years from 1965-2005.

William is a baseline player with a game plan of taking over the rallies immediately with her consistent serve; serve return and forceful groundstrokes with the powerful backhand and forehand swings. Her serve is considered to be one of the best serves in the women’s tennis world.

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