Kerry Melville Reid is a tennis player from Australia and was born on the 7th of August, 1947 in the city of Mosman, New South Wales. The player got married to Grover Raz Reid who was a teammate to Boston Lobsters in the year 1975. In 1977, Raz retired as a professional player and started coaching Kerry in the last three years of her career.

Kerry Melville career was expanded over a 17 year period in which she won 26 singles titles in different tournaments, one Grand Slam singles match, and managed to be a runner-up in about 40 singles tournaments.

The tennis player was ranked to be among the top ten players for 12 consecutive years from 1968 to 1979. Moreover, her record holds her to win at least one tournament every year from 1966 to 1979 except that of 1975. She was also ranked to be No. 5 among world players from the year 1971 to 1974.

Her last was capped with a splendid tour in 1979 after defeating Navratilova for the very first time in the entire play. She won the Family Circle Cup in the semi-finals by two sets after which she lost the final match to Tracy Austin.

Kerry also participated in the WTA Tour Championships at the year-end. The main feature of this event is that only the top eight players of the year can participate in it. She was also a member of the “Houston 9” in the year 1971 which was a group led by Gladys Heldman which is also considered as the basis of women’s professional tennis yours.

Right from the beginning, female tennis players in tennis were doing quite well and had achieved great feats in the tennis world. Women have been actively engaged in the tennis game for a long time now and have held great power positions like the male players.

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