Marry Joe Fernandez Godsick was born in the Dominican Republic in 1971. She is among the most popular female tennis players in America. Mary Joe Fernández won four straight Orange Bowl titles as a junior pro before bursting on the scene as a professional tennis player.

Mary Joe Fernández won her first main draw match at US Open when she defeated Sara Gomer. She was only 14 years old at that time, becoming the youngest tennis player to win the first main draw.

She won her first tour doubles title with Betsy Nagelsen in 1989. She won her first tier-1 singles title in 1990. She was ranked World No. 4 that year, which remained her career’s highest rank.

She also won a gold medal in doubles at the 1992 Olympics. She won a bronze medal in singles. She won her first Grand Slam in 1996 when she claimed the French Open.

In the 1996 Olympics, Fernandez was not part of the original US team lineup but was only included as a replacement for Chanda Rubin. She eventually won a gold playing as a replacement.

She won two Grand Slam titles in her career along with two Olympic gold medals. She was runner-up in three Grand Slam titles. Her last singles title came at German Open. Her last finals doubles title was at Madrid. She finally retired in 2000, ending her illustrious career on a high note.

Some of the hottest tennis players display an impeccable style and sense of brilliance not only in the game but also in all their social lives. It comes as no surprise that these famous female tennis players are the preferred lot among the people.

Female tennis players enjoy great popularity and status. Some c in tennis have attained great heights through their unbeatable style and impeccable control over the game.

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