Female tennis players enjoy great popularity and status. Some greatest female players in tennis have attained great heights through their unbeatable style and impeccable control over the game. Renata Tomanova is one of those players.

Right from the beginning, female tennis players in tennis were doing quite well and had achieved great feats in the tennis world. Renata Tomanova is a former Czechoslovakia professional tennis player and was born on the 9th of December, 1954.

The greatest success of her career is her participation in the final matches of the Grand Slam tournament which includes the French Open as well as the Australian Open.

In the year 1976, she lost the final match of the Australian Open and the French Open in the singles title. Partnering with Lesley Turner, Renata managed to reach the finals of the women’s doubles title in the Australian Open which she lost against Evonne Goolagong Cawley. Her two titles of the Grand Slam came in the year 1978.

In the first title, Renata was teamed up with Betsy Nagelsenovou in the women’s doubles titles at the Australian Open after defeating Pam Whytcross and Naoko Sato by two sets.

The next Grand Slam title was obtained as the French Open where Renata won the mixed doubles titles in partnership with Paul. Her entire career comprises of 4 WTA titles in the singles match and five matches she managed to succeed to the finals.

The doubles matches of the same tournament sought Renata to win three titles as well as 12 times final participation. The mixed doubles bought one win and one final participation of the WTA tour.

She also has the honor of winning the Czechoslovakia women’s team competition of the Federation Cup after beating Martina Navratilova in association with the Australian team by 3 – 0. This was the first victory in history for Czechoslovakia.

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