Sylvia Hanika

The former German tennis player was born in Munich on the 30th of November, 1959. Her memorable moments include being a runner up contestant in the year 1981 at the French Open tournament.

Additionally, she has also been marked a great player after winning the Year-End Championships held in the year 1982. The left-handed player was ranked to be the fifth-best tennis player among the world players.

Her professional career took a head start in the year 1977 after which she attended many tournaments and championship events.

Reaching the finals of the women’s singles at the French Open was her career highlight in which she defeated Hana Mandlikova by two sets. Her other greatest achievement in her entire career was when she defeated the world’s No. 2tennis player Martina Navratilova by three sets after reaching the final match of the Avon Series Tournament held at the Madison Square garden situated in New York City.

The site was also marked as the singles titles that were won by Sylvia Hanika. This success was against Chris Evert who was the world’s No. 3 tennis player in the initial round of the Virginia Slims Championship held in 1987.

In Athens, Hanika won singles titles in the year 1986. Her entire career constitutes of one doubles title and five singles title after which she retired from tennis in the year 1990. She was also famous for bouncing the ball on the courts than any other tennis player.

Vera Zconareva

Vera Zvonareva remained Russia’s No. 1 female player for many years. She also remained World No. 2 during the 2010 and 2011 seasons. She has won three Grand Slam titles in doubles and mixed doubles. She also won singles titles.

Vera’s career started with a blast as she won the famous Moscow tournament in 2000. She beat Elena Bovina in the final to become the Russian Champion. She also won the ITF tournament held in Florida the same year. She won the WTA tournament in 2004.

This was a special tournament for her as she was included in World Top 10 the same year. However, she had a poor 2005 when she lost in the first round in almost every tournament she participated in. She also lost all the rival matches during the year. She then faced a carpal injury which put her career at risk.

However, she recovered from the injury quickly and won a bronze medal in Beijing Olympics in 2008. She also won Fed Cup with her team and maintained the Russian No. 2 positions for the entire 2010.

She is expected to make good progress during the coming years since she has huge potential and she is still to fulfill most of the expectations at the international level. She is still considered one of the best Tennis players from her era.

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