Player Profile: Life History of Shaheen Shah Afridi

A half-grown soul who was not more than 15 at that time, wholeheartedly threw himself into the world of cricket. Pakistan cricket team player Shaheen’s Afridi history is tremendously notable. His fortitude was unusual. His journey from the small village of KPK to the grounds of international countries is miraculously beautiful. Shaheen Shah Afridi who used to entertain himself with the tennis ball cricket in the bumpy hills of the tribal locality was launched by his blood brother Riaz Afridi who himself was an educator in the field of cricket. Pakistani fast bowler Shaheen, 6’6 inches tall, devoted, and eager earned a name through his never-ending efforts and hard work. He is gifted with the uncommon expertness to bowl with his left hand at the quickness of 90mph.

Pakistani Cricketer Shaheen Afridi: Interesting Records

His guide, his brother, directed him to hardball cricket at the land of FATA when he was in his boyhood in 2015. He was picked up by FATA for the tournament that was specifically for the youth. His absolute passion and inclination towards cricket led him towards the Under-16 journey in Australia. He has been frequently moving towards the heights of glory since then.

After his international journey in 2016, he entered the Under-19 team. His performance in this Asia Cup held in Sri Lanka was remarkable. He kept on moving with firm determination and competency. From Under 16 to Under-19, from PSL to T20 he kept on succeeding. He captioned Lahore Qalandars in 2018. In this PSL the team that was playing in opposition to Qalandars was Multan Sultans. Pakistani cricketer Shaheen Afridi was declared the shining star after taking 5 wickets on 4 runs.

Pakistani Cricketer Shaheen Afridi: Bowling Statistics

Pakistan’s fast bowler Shaheen not only made a name in his country Pakistan but he was also praised internationally by many others when Pakistan threw India out of the box by giving them the defeat of 10 wickets by winning the T20 world cup that was played in Dubai. Afridi made sure to give India the toughest hours ever. He took that achievement against India to his utmost success. Even we as a nation feel proud of him whenever we look back on that day. Moreover, Pakistani cricket team player Shaheen Afridi played numerous matches for different leagues. He appeared in 27 test matches, 36 ODI, 52 T20I and 160 T20 matches. Being the Pakistani fast left-handed bowler he was always appreciated for taking countless wickets.

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Pakistani Bowler Shaheen Afridi: Contributions to the Country

He is undoubtedly an inspiration for all enthusiastic cricket lovers. The tall, handsome left-handed bowler Shaheen Afridi awarded the title ‘Cricketer of the Year’ by the international cricket council. The crowned head bowler is worthy of all the praise. He has represented Pakistan at all levels with his keenness. He has followed the footsteps of Shahid Afridi, a renowned cricketer and later became his Son-in-law by marrying his daughter.

Nevertheless, the young boy grasped the attention of millions and acquired an appreciation for his fast-bowling expertise and his uniqueness in taking wickets. He has gained a great distinction in the land of cricket at such a young age. His contributions to the cricket world are miraculous. It will not be wrong if we label him a young legend who always comes up with a stronger performance. We hope that Pakistan’s pride Shaheen Afridi will always take our country’s team to the heights of glory.

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