Roger Federer’s name is not unknown in the world of sports and to specify further, in the world of tennis. He has been ranked as WORLD NUMBER 2 by the Association of Tennis Professionals as of May 2013.

And he has been ranked amongst the top three ATP rankings since the last decade. He is considered a Tennis legend and many experts consider him to be one of the greatest and the best Tennis players in the whole world.

Federer holds several world records of the Era of the Open Series and he also has many championships accredited to his name. He is the Tennis sensation who has won 17 Grand Slam singles titles and has reached the finals of every Grand Slam event five times, at least.

Not just that, he has made it to the Wimbledon finals eight times. He is one of three players to capture a Grand Slam career on grass, clay, and hard courts.

Roger Federer and Wimbledon go way back to the year 1998. This was the year when his major accomplishments took place while he still was a junior player. He had won the boys’ singles and also the doubles in this particular tournament event.

In the year 2001, Federer defeated Pete Sampras, who was the defending champion for the past four times and made it to the quarter-finals at Wimbledon. 2003 was the year when Federer won his first-ever title of the Grand Slam singles at Wimbledon by defeating Mark Philippoussis.

His Wimbledon Victory saga does not just stop here. The next year i.e. in 2004 he once again won over the Wimbledon crown by beating Andy Roddick.

In 2005, he did go through a lowly phase of not being able to make it to the finals of two of the Grand Slam events, but he emerged victorious yet again at the Wimbledon tournament by defeating Andy Roddick yet again.

In 2006 Federer lost to Rafael Nadal in the French Open tournament, but to say that Federer is a man who knows how to win won’t be wrong. He once again won the finals of the Wimbledon Championships and that too by defeating none other than Rafael Nadal himself.

By this time he had made it to all the four Grand Slam finals in a single calendar year which was previously done only by Rod Laver in the year 1969.

The saga continued in 2007 when Federer made it to the finals of all four Grand Slam events once again and also won three of those events one of them again being the Wimbledon Championships and here he defeated Nadal for the second consecutive time.

Roger Federer has made it real big in the Tennis world with his sheer diligence. He is one such Tennis player who knows how bad it is to lose and how great it is to win after losses. Today, he leads a really happy life with his family and is truly a legend in the Tennis arena.

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