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Fiction writing is a form of writing composed of imaginative or argumentative writing devoid of facts. It is usually in the form of a narrative event or a story that aims to explain a certain viewpoint of an author. The writing piece can take the shape of a drama, novel, movie script or short story.

Basic Structure of fiction writing

In fiction writing, basically five main elements are involved. These five elements of fiction writing include character, setting, plot, style or theme. Character is people involved in the story or piece of fiction. The setting implies the time period of the story while plot is the way in which the story is woven. The plot consists of a series of events that are intended to create a specific effect. However, the style is a broad term encompassing the word choice, writing style and way of expression of the author. Theme is the basic idea or message that the author intends to communicate.

Fiction, by definition, is make-believe and is defined as “a product of the imagination” by The American Heritage Dictionary. Fiction writing is, ergo, the process of writing stories, poetry or novels that have their basis in the writer’s imagination. Fictitious stories can take place in the “real” world, one that everyone can see or relate to. Or they can take their readers into worlds that exist only in the writer’s mind. Good writers of fiction often blend total fiction with just enough truth to keep the reader grounded in the known, but enabling them to stretch the wings of their own imagination and reach that next plateau of wonder. Any type of writing can be fictitious.

Novels, short stories, essays, poetry and even the occasional editorial sort of article can be produced from the wonderful, endless supply of ideas that fill the writer’s brain. Though it requires less tedious research or fact-finding than most non-fiction, fiction writing does require the writer to build upon known facts and ideas, or to create and explain unknown ones in a way that is easily understood.

The best fiction writing will not simply tell a story that requires the reader to visualize and see the tale in their mind exactly as it is written. We read the words, but we each see and experience the tale from a unique perspective anyway. So, good creative writing will encourage and foster our own interpretation of the words.

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