Africa has a rich cultural heritage full of interesting sights and sounds. The diverse cultural communities live here. However, all are equally interested in movies. Therefore, you will see interesting film festivals here too.

The famous African film festivals are listed below:

Fespaco African Film Festival and Freetown Film Festival

The Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou is as big and famous as The African Union Film Festival. It is one of the largest film festival on the continent and lasts for over a week. It is held annually in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso; where the organization is based.

It accepts films only by African filmmakers and chiefly produced in Africa. This event normally attracts thousands of visitors. It was created in 1969 since then it has evolved into a recognized and respected event. Fespaco African Film Festival is a reputed event with biggest number of attendees.

Around 40,000 people participate in this festival. If you are looking for a free event of great significance, go to Freetown Film Festival. It is Sierra Leone’s number one film festival that includes movies from this area only. This event has a big role in the promotion of movie industry in Sierra Leone.

Durban Film Festival and Burundi International Festival

South Africa has Durban International Film Festival with around 300 film entries. Cairo Film Festival is organized to honor the film works by Arabs. Due to its significance, Cairo is often pronounced the Hollywood of Middle East too. Burundi International Festival is for the encouragement of film making students. They are motivated by this event that includes their short films for display.

Environmental Film Festival

Another festival of significance is Environmental Film Festival of Accra. Its importance lies in its role in initiating environmental protection campaigns. All of the entries in this festival are related to some environmental issue. It has a strong support for recycling process and every short film has a message for the environment’s safety.

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