Luckily, people get to see lots of interesting film festivals right in the beginning of the year. These festivals provide them a chance to have good time watching their favorite movies. It also gives a wonderful opportunity to them to enjoy their time with their families.

Let us review some of the famous film festivals here.

Brussels Film Festival

In Belgium, Brussels Film Festival is commemorated in January to satisfy people’s hunger for watching good movies. It is a popular event in which hosts of people take part to pass good time.


Similarly, CineAsia is organized in USA for providing people unlimited entertainment.

Kidfilm Festival

However, if you are looking forward to some film festival that brings entertainment for children, we have Kidfilm Festival. This event is commemorated in USA and is a big reason for people to bring their kids along. It features some interesting movies for children ranging from science fiction to fantasy world.

Fajr Film Festival

For more serious movie fans, Iran commemorates Fajr Film Festival. It aims to showcase the finest movies under one event. The intention is to bring awareness in people regarding the medium of films as the important representative of one’s culture.

International Film Festival

International Film Festival of India is another effort by a government to recognize the hard work of Indian filmmakers.

New York Festival and Tokyo Video Festival

Similarly, New York Festival and Tokyo Video Festival are also organized for the same purpose of recognizing the effort of the filmmakers. The Tokyo Video Festival is an international video competition. The festival was first organized in 1978.

Thus, you can visit any of these festivals depending on the region where you live. Do not forget to spare many hours before you leave for your favorite film festival.

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