When the calendar of the year reaches the month of March, we see hosts of film festivals coming to us. Some of these are commemorated in Europe whereas most of them are organized in other continents too.

The common thing about these film festivals is that all offer the people chance to watch the best movies ever. However, there are variations in the genres of movies showcased in these festivals.

Now, let us have a look at these film festivals that catch people’s attractions.

UK and Canadian Famous Film Events

In UK, Bradford Film Festival is one big event that is organized to promote the film industry. UK is also a big place for those interested in making documentaries. International Documentary Festival is rejoiced here with a focus on both new and experienced filmmakers.

It also has a famous film festival; London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival that include special movies for gay and lesbian community. Talking about Canadian events, International Festival of Film on Art is big event for art lovers. The genre of art is entertained in this special film festival.

American and German Film Festivals

Annual Television Festival and Santa Barbara International Film Festival are the major American attractions for movie fans. The Santa Barbara International Film Festival was first organized in California in 1986. It usually lasts for eleven days. It screens over 200 films including feature films and short films.

However, the Germans relish the event of Prix Futura Berlin to have good time watch movies with their friends. International Animated Film Festival is also there in March to satisfy the urge of people for animated movies. It is one of the best animated film festivals in the world. It is one of the world’s largest and most important animated film festivals. So, which festival are you attending this March?

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