The film festivals are manifestations of healthy cultural activities that occur in one region. The movies teach us many lessons that cannot be learned otherwise. Like a story of a novel, the movie does have a storyline or a script on which it is based.

The movies are showcased in cinemas for public viewership or can be accessed via CDs at home. However, sometimes film festivals are arranged that take out the best of movies and showcase them to public.

Each country or region has a peculiar style of organizing their famous film festivals. We will briefly mention here some South American film festivals along with brief descriptions of each.

Argentina celebrates its Cordoba International Festival that includes all sorts of animation movies in the event. It is really a great experience being a part of this event with interesting animation movies showcased all the way.

There is another film festival of Argentina that is named International Film School Festival. It only receives short movies with a length of hardly fifteen minutes or so.

It takes place every year in November in the city of Mar del Plata. Similarly, Brazil has International Fantastic Film Festival with certain bizarre and humorous movies. It is one of the biggest fantasy film festivals in the world. It was first organized in 2005.

In addition to the events mentioned above, here are some more interesting festivals as well. These events include Columbia’s Cartagena International film festival and International Image festival.

The Cartagena Film Festival focuses mainly on promotion of Columbian TV series, Latin American firms and short films. It is held in March, it is the oldest film festival in South America.

Also, the other movie events of interest are Uruguay’s Winter Film Festival, International Film School and Children’s film festival. You can take part in any of these events to make your day!

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