You’re looking for a way to break into a work-at-home job that can at least help out with your soaring debts. You may be a professional writer out of work, or without enough local work.

You may be, on the other hand, a brand new writer who is looking for a good place to start your career. In either situation, the internet is a great place to start your search.

It’s easier if you remember to visualize the world-wide-web as a street lined with lots of different businesses that are all in constant need of well-written material. You wouldn’t have much trouble finding a job if you found a street like that. Well, you have.

Just start surfing around and look into web sites that either assist you in networking with people who are looking for freelancers, or check along with a short resume of your experience to regular advertising agencies and publications. Let them know you’re available. Lots of agencies, magazines and newspapers find their writers via the Web.

In the beginning, your first writing “job” is to sell your abilities. Don’t exaggerate them. If you claim to be an experienced, qualified writer and aren’t, they’ll know. There is no shame in admitting that you have limited experience and are looking for a chance to grow in the field. In fact, with some online employers, your honesty will only weigh in your favor.

If you are a professional writer, be prepared to take a cut in pay, at least initially. Online jobs traditionally do not pay as well as office jobs. Then again, you don’t have any overhead and no commute. You set your own hours (at least to some degree) and can opt out of an assignment if you want.

Many of the articles, product descriptions, web-site content materials and other written work you read online are written by freelancers. So, whether you’ve been a writer for a while but are looking for a new way to work, or if you are just starting out, the Web can be a great place to write for profit. Just be sure that you read all the fine print before signing-on to do a job.

Research the company or web site you are negotiating with to ensure they are legitimate. Also, be prepared for payments to take a bit longer to reach you than when you work locally. After all, you can’t know where on this planet your next job will come from when you are an online writer.
Online writing can be a convenient, fun and interesting way to earn and learn. Give it a try.

Sign up for a free trial or a short-term contract with one of the more reputable web sites that match writers with assignments. If that one doesn’t work out, then try another. Sooner or later you will hit on a site or find a company that likes your work and will supply you with some regular work and that can lead to referrals and more work. Before long, you will be making money writing on the Internet.

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